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Simple 2d logo animation
  • One custom 2d logo animation
  • 1080p
  • 1 free revisions
  • 7-14 business days delivery
Task: Create a simple animation of the appearance of all elements of the logo in the corporate style.
Task: Make a simple, fun animation using elements of the logo.
Codename Grow
Task: Through a simple animation to show the essence of the service - the growth of likes in social media.
Task: Create a detailed, unique, attractive, and joyful animation that captures the essence of the app. Get a drink from a friend who can't physically be with you.
Ready Ping
Task: Make a detailed corporate animation that shows the essence of the service - an appointment and communication with the client.
Task: Through detailed animation show the main idea of the blog - that with long-term investing you can convert money in time.
Detailed 2d logo animation
  • One custom 2d logo animation
  • 1080p
  • 4K
  • Music/sound Effects
  • Tailored to your brand
  • 2 free revisions
  • Source files
  • 7-14 business days delivery
Task: The client teaches adult boxing fitness and wanted eye-catching animation.
Task: We want create something fun and very appropriate to the style of the logo. Wings must be animated.
Double Tap
Task: The logo is designed in the spirit of arcade machines. You need a dynamic animation that should stay within the theme of fighting games / arcade culture.
Task: Create a detailed, fun animation that is memorable and attention-grabbing.
Task: Show a rising chart or rising candles showing profit, which turns into a logo at the end.
Swiss Services Plus
Task: The idea is to show in 3d how the pyramid is built. After the pyramid is built, make an animation of the name. And at the end make an animation of the destruction of the entire logo with a special ball.
Task: The logo is built (assembled) in 3d from different sides, and behind it lines of art deco/sacral geometry.
HR Developments
Task: We need 3d animation creative, motivational, luxurious and uplifting animation with the feeling that a strong real estate developer appears on the field.
Detailed 3d logo animation
  • One custom 3d logo animation
  • 1080p
  • 4K
  • Music/sound Effects
  • Tailored to your brand
  • 2 free revisions
  • Source files
  • 7-14 business day delivery
Mouth for Rage
Task: We need an animation of a fist punching the top of the skull. With some fragments flying out. Then the name of our band Mouth for Rage with some distortion or grunge effect that fits the style of the logo.
Berry pie
Task: We can act out a story about a piece of pie being cut off the turntable, lifted with a spatula, and the berry juice dripping off the turntable into the text and creating a puddle.
Task: A globe appears that rotates and various world landmarks pop up on it. Then the globe transforms into a camera lens. At the same time a plane, flies across the screen and flies through the lens and freezes, as in the logo.
Longshot Ballistics
Task: I would like a side view of the sniper rifle. Show how the bullet enters the chamber. I'd like to just go into the barrel as if we were a bullet and send it into the target.
Task: We'd like to see a robot patching up cracks in the road in the shape of the letters "RMV" and then having it all transformed into our logo

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